Our concert line-up for the 2024 Festival will be announced in the following months. You can join our mailing list to stay updated, and in the meantime, check out our 2023 concert descriptions below for an idea of what to look forward to in June 2024!

Each night at the Acadia Festival of Traditional Music and Dance, we settle into the Gates Auditorium at COA for an evening of spell-binding music from our faculty and special guests. (You can read all about them on our Faculty page.) Feast your eyes on the concert lineups in store for us in 2023, and then head over to our store page to buy tickets!

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P’tits oiseaux | “Little Birds”

The French Canadian expression “on est aux p’tits oiseaux” (“he is with the birds”) refers to one being in a state of absolute bliss – which is how we believe everyone will feel when they witness a joyous performance like this one!

– Opening Set: Young Tradition Vermont’s Youth Commission
– Don & Cindy Roy
– Colin Farrell, Jimmy Keane & Josh Dukes

Tirer une bûche | “Pull Up a Log”

French immigrants to Canada, unable to bring furniture with them on their grueling boat journey, made do with what was around them. “Se tirer une bûche” means to pull up a chair, or in those days, a log of wood. Tonight, you’re invited to take a seat at this special celebration of music and dance that celebrates their tenacity and fun loving spirit!

– Jeremiah McLane & Owen Marshall
– Laurel Martin & Patrick Egan
– Katie McNally & Neil Pearlman

Les Quatre | “The Four”

In Chéticamp, on Cape Breton Island, Acadians were known to dance “Les Quatre,” also known as the “French Four,” which consisted of dancers step dancing in a circle with no physical contact between them. Tonight’s performance features two of our esteemed faculty from the Canadian Maritime provinces, along with our entire 2023 dance faculty – a high-energy night you won’t soon forget!

– Opening Set: Artistic Work Study Students
– Anastasia DesRoches & Troy MacGillivray
– Evie Ladin, Kieran Jordan & Pierre Chartrand

D’jâble est aux vaches | “The Devil is to the Cows”

If a French Canadian exclaims “Le d’jâble est aux vaches,” it’s safe to say there is no more order and chaos reigns! Our final faculty concert, featuring some of our favorite musical mischief-makers and story-tellers, is bound to feel a little like that, and we can’t wait for this beautiful musical mayhem to unfold!

– Ellen Gawler & Nicholas Williams
– Maeve Gilchrist & Mari Black
– Matt & Shannon Heaton

Comment ça flippe? | “How Ya Doin’?”

Tonight, on the final night of the festival, we ask “how ya doin’?” and invite you to join our talented and passionate participants as they collaborate and share their extra special performances, before joining together in a community dance to close out the week!

Parking at COA is somewhat limited. Please consider carpooling if possible, or taking advantage of the Island Explorer for your visit!

Note: All tickets / passes are non-refundable, but are transferable.

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