Apply for a Scholarship

Acadia Festival of Traditional Music & Dance offers scholarships to prospective students. This tuition assistance is funded by generous donations from our community. Over 90 students have benefitted from this program since its inception. More information about how you can contribute to our scholarship fund can be found on our Fractured Atlas page.

The application period for scholarship assistance opens on October 1 and closes on January 31. To be considered for a scholarship covering either 50% or 75% of tuition – depending on need – an applicant must register for the festival and complete the tuition support questions on the registration form. All applicants will be required to pay a 25% tuition deposit at time of application. Applicants will be notified by email of their award status no later than February 15.

Applicants who are offered an award will be asked to make payment of any tuition balance by May 31. Awards for assistance may only be used to support attending the festival of that year; funds will not carry over. If you do not receive a scholarship and/or you opt not to attend, your 25% deposit will be returned.

Scholarships are available to students at any age or musicianship level. Please note that scholarships do not cover the cost of housing or meals. Recipients may be asked to volunteer at the festival, but agreeing to this is not a requirement to receive support.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift towards our scholarship fund, please click the button below.

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