Program Overview

What Can I Study in 2023?

The Acadia Festival of Traditional Music & Dance will host a faculty lineup that honors and celebrates traditional music and dance while contributing to its evolution.

Each year, these five core disciplines will be featured: Fiddle, Guitar, Piano, Flute, and Dance. In addition to our core disciplines, the festival will include at least three additional disciplines each year. In 2023, we will offer: Accordion, Bouzouki, Harp, Community Singing, and Composition. Class sizes are limited – don’t delay in signing up!

Classes will run from Tuesday June 27 – Saturday July 1, with check-in Monday 26th afternoon and check-out Sunday 2nd morning. Please refer to the Schedules pages for detailed core music and dance programming.

– Music students will attend the “major” class they signed up for (Fiddle, Guitar, Piano, Flute, Accordion, Bouzouki, or Harp) in the two morning class periods. Students with a Dance major will also have a third class during the first afternoon period.

– Major classes will be progressive, so it will be to your benefit to choose the class that is the best fit for you as early in the week as possible – ideally, Day 1!  
(If you are uncertain which level will be the best match for your musical goals and skill set, we are happy to help advise you — click here for more info)

– Students will have an opportunity to choose from Enrichment Workshops offered on a variety of topics and instruments (including some not offered as majors), for various skill levels. Community Singing, organized Jam Sessions, and daily Composition workshops will be held each afternoon as well. Participants don’t need to sign up for these sessions in advance and can choose what they would like to do day by day.

– Students may also choose to join a faculty-led Student Ensemble. These dynamic, collaborative ensemble classes welcome all instruments and dance.  They will be progressive classes, so students should plan to attend the meeting of their chosen ensemble each day.

– Will feature faculty concerts, dances, an end-of-the-week student concert, and of course, jamming!  (More information on those programs to follow soon.)

Please click the green buttons below to read more about our Dance & Music Programs where you can explore and choose the class experience where you’re going to dance and play your best.

Note: If you choose not to register as a full-time student, you will be able to attend afternoon workshops and evening events, either by buying a Festival Pass which entitles you to all afternoon/evening offerings, or by paying for one at a time. These will be available for purchase at a later date.

Also note: The AFTMD is programmed for students who are 12 years of age and older.  Certain exceptions may be made for children younger than 12 years who are especially promising and dedicated. If you would like to discuss such an exception with the artistic team, please contact our Festival Director.

The Acadia Festival of Traditional Music & Dance is a project made possible by a grant from the Maine Traditional Music Association and supported by Fractured Atlas, a national 501(c)(3) non-profit devoted to empowering arts organizations. Website art by Anabelle Keimach and Annelise Papinsick.