Choosing a Class Level

The AFTMD Artistic Team has tried to describe each class experience and level to the best of our abilities, but we understand that you might still have questions about which class will be the best fit for you. If you would like help in deciding, we invite you to take a video of yourself playing or dancing (nothing fancy, just make sure we can see and hear you clearly) and send it to us. When you fill out your registration form, there will be a level placement option called ‘Help Me Decide’. Once we receive your form, one of our Artistic Directors will reach out to you with instructions on how to send your video (see below). Remember, you’re always welcome to switch classes during the week if you’re not comfortable in the class you’ve chosen. Just keep in mind that material in each class will be progressive.

Important things to keep in mind when sending us a video:

For everyone
The whole purpose of this video is for us to “meet” you musically and get a sense of who you are as a player, so please play/dance something you are really comfortable with, where you can show your best self. Your performance does not need to be “perfect” or polished at all! Just have FUN and let us get to know you as the musician/dancer you are. If you have a particular goal for your time at AFTMD, please tell us (i.e. “I really want to improve my sound”, “I want to explore styles that are new to me”, “I want to learn 20 new tunes or steps in the week”, etc.).

Please play 1 or 2 of your favorite songs or tunes at your most comfortable tempo. The microphone on any smart phone or iPad will be good enough for us to hear you clearly. Please make sure that we can see your entire upper body and instrument in the frame.

Choose your favorite tune, and take a video of yourself dancing to the music! Please be sure your entire body (and feet!) can be clearly seen and heard.

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